CH3 worn BG, wading to Rayong for members and joined Mangrove planting of HM The King Honor Celebration

Date : 28 March 2012

Channel 3 team still doing activities continuously and wearing smart polo shirt which Body Glove has been sponsored. On March 23, 2012, Channel 3 team went to Pruakdaeng, Rayong to do roaming CH3 concert and recruited members. There were free T-shirts, F3 Fanclub magazine and Family news 106 magazine provided.

On March 24, 2012, we saw a great project for environment again in Mangrove planting of His Majesty The King Honor Celebration 2012 at Learning conservation of mangrove ecosystems center,Phra Samut ChediPaknam, Muang, Rayong. Family news 106 magazine and F3 Fanclub still worn Body Glove polo shirt from the 42ndanniversary of channel 3 to do good thing in this project. Moreover, “Bank” Pavarin and “Kob” Pimonrat, famous actor and actress from CH3 were joined to be a part of the project.   

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